One Thousand And One Teardrops

FCI 2016 Film Festival Schedule



Session Three (3:30 – 5:30)


One Thousand And One Teardrops (d. Fateme Ahmadi, UK/Iran, 2014)






On her first day of school, little Louly is faced with a question: what should she wear? The ugly school uniform or whatever she wants? Luckily, she is visited by a magic teardrop-keeper who helps her.


Director Biography:

Fateme Ahmadi was born and raised in Shiraz, Iran and was awarded first prize in the Literature Olympiads, a nationwide humanities competition, granting her permission to complete two undergraduate courses simultaneously. Fateme completed degrees in Persian Literature and Filmmaking at Tehran University and The Art University of Tehran, respectively. In 2009, she completed the MA General Linguistics course at the Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies in Tehran before becoming the first individual awarded a scholarship from Magic of Persia to attend the two-year MA Filmmaking program at The London Film School. During the course, Fateme wrote, edited, and directed more than ten short films, including four documentaries for BBC World. Fateme is now working toward her feature film, set in both London and Tehran.


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Ticket Prices:

$40 for the entire Festival (including opening night reception)
$25 for a 1 day pass
$10 for an individual screening session


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