FCI Redding Press Page

Festival Cinema Invisible is pleased to announce that we are partnering with the Redding Chapter of Euprhates Institute and the Shasta County Arts Council to bring the a two day film festival, “The Best of FCI”, to Redding, California USA in January 2017.

FCI Redding 2017 - small flyer final


Link to the press release for the event in MS WORD and  PDF format.


Links to the official poster:

Large (JPEG – 3 MB)

Medium (JPEG – 2 MB)

Web (401 kb)


Link to the  JPEG version of the “Save The Date” poster (2 MB 1636 × 2496).


Links to the official program will be forthcoming.


Links to information and stills of some of the films being shown (taken from the FCI 2016 pages):

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