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FCI 2016 Film Festival

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Festival Cinema Invisible is now accepting film submissions for its 2016 Film Festival at Proctor’s GE Theatre in Schenectady, New York.

Upstate New York-based Festival Cinema Invisible (FCI) is now accepting independent films for its 3-day festival (April 1 – 3, 2016) of Persian language and Middle Eastern films at Proctor’s GE Theatre.

Festival Cinema Invisible is an independent, not-for-profit venue dedicated to celebration of Middle Eastern arts and cinema. FCI is seeking “invisible” films for its 2016 film festival.  Filmmakers of Middle Eastern origin regardless of their place of residence, as well as filmmakers making films about topics or subject matter related to the Middle East are encouraged to submit their films. FCI does not charge an entry fee for submission. All films submitted will be reviewed by the selection committee. 

The FCI website (cinemainvisible.org) cites several categories of Invisible Cinema including Hidden Cinema (where themes or ideas are hidden, however unconsciously, in the works of one or more filmmakers), Censored Cinema (where the film is not permitted to screen within its country of production), and Unseen Cinema which includes films that have been forgotten or ignored.


Submission Requirements

To submit a film for consideration, please send the following to:

Festival Cinema Invisible

1405 Union Street

Schenectady, NY 12308 USA

*Note: All submitted film(s) that are not English language must have English subtitles.

  • The deadline for submission is now extended to February 29th, 2016.


Submission Guidelines

  • FCI does not charge an entry fee for submission.
  • FCI will not return submitted works so please do not send original materials.
  • FCI cannot be held liable for the loss or damage of your print/video materials.
  • FCI cannot consider films received after the submission deadline.



  • ALL films submitted to FCI will be reviewed by the Programming Committee.
  • If your film is selected for inclusion in the festival, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail. Please send a press kit and an online link to your film after notification of acceptance.
  • Selected titles will be posted on the FCI website (www.cinemainvisible.org) and the FCI Facebook page (www.facebook.com/FestivalCinemaInvisible) in mid-February 2016.

Festival Cinema Invisible 2016 will take place at Proctors GE Theater in Schenectady, New York April 1-3, 2016.

For More Information – see the FCI 2016 submission form.

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