Dad’s Fragile Doll

FCI 2016 Film Festival Schedule



Session Three (5:00 – 7:00)


Dad’s Fragile Doll (d. Ali Zare Ghanatnowi, Iran, 2015)


Dad's Fragile Doll




A girl reconstructs the events leading to her father’s imprisonment and execution using dolls her mother made.


Director Biography:

Ali Zare Ghanat Nowi was born in Shiraz, Iran in 1981. He became interested in cinema and theatre during his teen years. Nowi started work as play-writer and assistant director in Iran Radio & TV in 1998 and completed various radio & TV training courses by 2000.


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Ticket Prices:

$40 for the entire Festival (including opening night reception)
$25 for a 1 day pass
$10 for an individual screening session


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